1987 Sierra RS Cosworth



  • White over grey velour Recaro seats
  • 1,993cc DOHC (dual overhead cam), 16-V turbocharged Cosworth YBD motor
  • 5 speed manual transmission
  • Left hand drive
  • 55,781 kilometers
  • Euro imported


When the 1985 Geneva Motor Show rolled in, Ford had already been developing the Sierra RS Cosworth, (affectionately known as the RS Cossy) for some time. Beginning in 1983, the development of the RS Cossy commenced when Stuart Turner, the head of Ford Motorsport Europe, realized that the manufacturer was lacking in the competitive racing department. After teaming up with Walter Hayes – a head developer of the Ford GT – and Ken Khors – VP of Ford product development – the three wise men approached Cosworth, a long time tuner of Ford engines. After strenuous decision making about the power plant and its subsequent output, the gentleman agreed upon a 204bhp, Cosworth YBD motor. The vehicle in question that would adorn this engine was the popular Sierra hatchback. However, if the car was going to race competitively, it needed features that would qualify it for track applications, hence the addition of the enormous rear wing, which would provide the Sierra with much needed downforce but, more importantly, make the RS Cosworth a design icon. Fortunately Ford was able to sell enough road-worthy homologated RS Cosworths to fund their race series, making the road going version a direct link to its more hardcore rallycross brethren. The result of all of this? An 80’s hatchback that is as exciting, lively, capable, and as quick on a back road as any modern supercar.

This particular RS Cosworth is in excellent condition, aesthetically and mechanically, showing only minor signs of wear. It’s being sold with all service interval documents (including service current), and importation paperwork.

PRICE: $60,000