2012 BMW M3 CRT



  • VIN:WBSPK91060E810823
  • #24 of 67 cars produced
  • 1 of only 2 in the US
  • 433 miles from new
  • 2 owners
  • 4361cc S65 V8 with 450hp
  • Frozen Polar Silver over
  • Red leather carbon bucket seats
  • Factory tuned 7spd ///M DCT 
 (dual clutch transmission)
  • 180 mph unlimited top speed
  • Factory lightweight, titanium exhaust
  • Euro imported


The ultimate “sleeper” sports sedan has always been the BMW M3. For maximum discretion in exchange for “the ultimate driving” experience the M3 had some rivals, but none was as poised as the Bimmer. Over the decades the model was manufactured in numerous iterations. At the Geneva Motor Show in 2007, BMW introduced the new E90 and E92 models (codenames 90 for sedan, 92 for coupe). Unlike any of its predecessors, the new M3 was equipped with an powertrain masterpiece: a 4.0L, naturally aspirated, race derived, V8. The M3’s personality would drastically change from a much finer, carving tool (à la E46 M3 and its inline 6 motor), to a German saloon brute. While it’s motor gave it much more of a brawny demeanor, it still was one of the best handling, well-rounded sports cars offered in its time – and if 4.0 liters wasn’t enough displacement, the CRT benefitted from an extra bit of stroking, which increased engine capacity to 4.4 liters.

At the end of the E90 variant’s life cycle, BMW decided to launch a very special and limited edition version of the M3, called the M3 CRT. CRT’s would be produced in minimal numbers, all of which 67 were made, and would employ carbon racing technology – hence its new three letter badge – which saves around 155 lbs. compared to a standard E90 M3. Unfortunately due to limited production numbers, no CRT’s were homologated for the US market, but the two that are currently in country have been imported and converted legally under the Show and Display Law to meet US regulation.

This particular example is showroom quality with no noticeable differences from when it left the factory; meticulously cared for by its two owners. With only 433 miles on the odometer the vehicle has also been minimally driven since production. This car specified in a rare matte silver paint over supple, red and black leather. CRT’s all came with black 19” M, light, y-spoke alloys. The interior is equipped with four bucket seats – the front two are fixed, carbon back, race-type buckets, which create a spot-on driving position and a feeling of focus. The vehicle is equipped with iDrive (radio, navigation, etc.), automatic climate control and automatic xenon headlights.

This car comes with extensive documentation of importation, servicing, and purchasing. Celebrate the last naturally aspirated M3 iteration ever made, as well as the only M3 fitted with a V8 with this great looking and very special M3 CRT.

PRICE: $245,000