2002 Ferrari 360 Spider Manual



  • VIN: ZFFYT35A220129423
  • Miles: 22,338
  • Nero over Cuoio leather
  • 6-Speed Manual


To embrace the new millennium, Ferrari set out to create a successor to the 355 that was technically fresh, and whose style would reflected 21st century trends. The 360 Modena did just that. It was drastically different from its predecessor, employing a new aluminum space frame chassis, making it 28% lighter than the 355. Of course, the Ferrari party piece has always been its engine which, in this application, was a 3.6L, flat plane crank (like all Ferrari V8’s), mid-mounted, masterpiece. Paired with the slick, emotional, and deliberate 6-speed gated manual transmission, the operatic engine is able to scream to its falsetto red line until the driver throws the shifter into the next gear, and the process begins again. The 360 Spider was Ferrari’s 20th road going convertible, built with a much stiffer architecture to help it cope with any chassis flex and equipped with an automatic, folding soft top, which can fold away in a mere 20 seconds.

Of all color combinations offered for the 360 Spider, Nero over Cuoio leather is one of the more refined, handsome outfits for an elegant Ferrari convertible. This color scheme emulates the intended purpose of the 360 Spider: a coastal canyon cruiser during the day, and a tuxedoed companion by night. This 360 Spider is in very good condition. The exterior paintwork looks factory new and a beautifully preserved interior.

This car has been specified with Ferrari shields, red brake calipers, Daytona style seats, a gated manual transmission, and brushed aluminum trim. The vehicle has also been fitted with an aftermarket Alpine radio headset which can be easily replaced with the OEM unit. The vehicle is sold as service current with a full Ferrari tool kit, CARFAX report, and service documentation.

PRICE: $99,950