1988 Aston Martin V8 Vantage X-Pack


  • Blue


A Gentleman’s Supercar

The 1980s were a heady time of boisterous shapes and colors, where showiness was commonplace. However, not everyone ascribed to the trend of flash, and for those who wanted the highest levels of performance while wrapped in a timelessly stylish suit, they turned to Aston Martin for their handsome yet brutal V8 Vantage. And for those who sought true supercar levels of performance, Aston Martin introduced the X-Pack in 1986, which would be a swan song for the V8 Vantage line. By equipping the V8 Vantage with the V580X engine from the V8 Vantage Zagato, the X-Pack had the pace to run with the Testarossa and the Countach, proudly flying the supercar flag for Britain in the late 1980s. These cars have only become more elegant and special with time, but their brutal speed is still rousing and impressive today, and with only 137 cars produced, it is among the rarest and most desirable street-bound Aston Martins.

The V8 Vantage X-Pack on offer is, without a doubt, one of the finest examples extant. Completely restored by both Aston Martin Works and by marque expert Spray Tec Restorations, the restoration of this spectacular X-pack was completed in 2014. Not only was this car restored by the best and most experienced Aston Martin craftsmen in the world, the original, numbers matching engine was up-rated to 6.3 litre specification by Aston Martin Works, at a price in excess of 70,000 GBP, which results in true Jekyll and Hyde driving experience, unleashing in excess of 500 bhp when it is requested. The Rolls Royce Royal Blue paintwork, applied by the experts at Spray Tec, has been executed to a world-class concours standard, imbuing the car with a deep luster and mysterious, sinister aura. The excellence and attention to detail are not skin deep; the bitter chocolate leather perfectly complimenting the blue exterior, but the craftsmanship speaking volumes about the level of detail to which this car was executed. The engine bay and undercarriage are also as-new, restored to the highest standards.

For a fan of the fast paced grand touring cars upon which Aston Martin has built a world class reputation, and for the uncompromising individual who demands the finest and the rarest vehicles, one will find no finer example than this V8 Vantage X-pack. Having been restored by the best in the business, to the highest standards, at the highest specification, this car is ready to be shown or driven at the most exclusive venues on earth, where it will impress the most discerning collectors and enthusiasts sitting still, and on the road.

PRICE: $575,000