1960 Lancia Flaminia Sport Zagato



  • VIN 824001436
  • KM 107762


Lancia has always maintained a reputation for unparalleled innovation and spectacular design. Their reputation for cars which performed well in advance of their peers had been established prior to World War II, and Lancia needed to further this reputation with the Flaminia after the success of the Aurelia, their top of the line offering introduced in 1950 which astounded the world with technological features that were years away from being offered by the likes of Ferrari or Maserati, like transaxles, four wheel independent suspensions, and standard radial tires. 
The Flaminia was wildly successful in furthering Lancia’s reputation as being at the forefront of engineering, and was immediately celebrated by the automotive press upon its’ introduction. But it was not until the revered and racy coachbuilder Zagato tried their hand at this lovely new platform that the Flaminia truly came alive. When Zagato’s Flaminia Sport hit the streets, the world was taken with it’s breathtaking curves and the spectacular performance afforded by it’s lithe alloy body. Even the legendary and notoriously proud Enzo Ferrari described it as being one of the best handling cars ever built. These cars are prized today for handling which remains delightful, their smooth, torquey, and sonorous V6 engines, and fetching design, and are welcome and highly prized entries to many classic events and concours worldwide.
This 1960 Lancia Flaminia Sport is a rare and highly desirable find, which has had a very limited number of prolific and caring owners during its’ life. Imported to the UK from Italy in 1971, this car has been the recipient of a significant amount of recent mechanical and cosmetic recommissioning, and presents beautifully and honestly today. A significant file is on hand documenting the work and ownership of this wonderful Lancia since 1971. This lovely car is ready to perform flawlessly in any number of classic rallies and events, and is an intelligent, inspired choice for any classic car connoisseur. 
PRICE: $395,000