1985 Peugeot 205 T16

  • Year 1985
  • Mileage 8,600 Kilometres
  • Exterior Colour Black
  • Interior Colour Gray
  • VIN No. 0177
  • Price INQUIRE

1985 Peugeot 205 T16

There are many records in the elite realm of Group B, however it is the Peugeot 205 T16 which enjoys the most rarified air - it is the only Group B rally car to win back-to-back World Rally Championships. Homologation efforts for Peugeot’s Group B rally car began with the humble 205, building 200 of the road-going 205 T16’s, with an overwhelming majority painted in gray. Retaining the Group B monster’s 200HP mid-engine four-wheel-drive layout, a lightweight tubular spaceframe, glass-fiber bodywork, and race-bred center differential, the road-going homologation special was renowned for spritely handling characteristics. 

Chassis 177 stands alone amongst the crowd of gray 205 T16’s, as it was the only car delivered in black from new at the behest of its original owner. The car was delivered in January of 1986 to its’ first owner, Sheikh Abdullah bin Khalifa Al-Thani, the former Prime Minister of Qatar. Ever fond of his highly unique 205 T16, Al-Thani would retain ownership of the car until 2007, diligently maintaining it as evidenced by the quantities of service stamps issued in period by Peugeot Warwick Wright of Chiswick, London.

The second custodian of Chassis 177 would retain ownership until December of 2012 and seldom use the car, only adding 28km to the odometer before exchanging hands once again. Recognizing the highly significant nature of chassis 177, the final UK owner went on to exhibit the car at a number of high-profile events, such as Salon Prive, before 177 would move to the United States in early 2022 when acquired by a highly esteemed American collector. 

Having resided in the UK for a vast majority of its life, and been pampered at no expenses spared, chassis 177 is a fantastic example of Peugeot’s Group B homologation efforts. 177 has covered a mere 8,600km from new while carrying a pedigree worthy of royalty, backed up by a substantially thorough history dossier. Presenting beautifully today in original condition, and driving the part, 177 is poised to be a crucial cornerstone of any discerning collection.

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