Luftgekühlt V

There is the automobile enthusiast and then there is the Porsche enthusiast. For five years now, Southern California has hosted an event which brings together everything and everyone Porsche.  Affectionately named Luftgekühlt, which in German means aircooled, the car show is dedicated to air-cooled Porsches of any body style.  For the fifth show, the creators decided to host it in a sprawling lumber yard due to the level of popularity and participants.  Surrounded by exposed wood and shelving (think of an outdoor Home Depot), it was a perfect location to host some of history’s most iconic Porsche racers, sports cars, and prototypes.  The Cultivated Collector made a very special appearance with a car that stole the show.  Arriving in a Schuppan 962CR Matthew Ivanhoe, TCC Founder and President, made a head swiveling entrance.  The sheer rarity, jaw dropping looks, and pure surprise of the Schuppan’s arrival made for a very special Luftgekühlt event.  TCC is lucky to be the proud owner of a 1 of 6 Schuppan 962 CR.  Finished in black on black, the car could easily be a Bat Mobile contender, but sticks to that Porsche recipe; efficiency, purity, and beauty.

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